Newborn Sensory Play

Newborn Sensory Play

Even very young babies can benefit from sensory play.  Providing experiences which stimulate any of your baby’s five senses (touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing) helps babies to learn more about the world around them by encouraging growth in areas such as motor skills, brain development, language and social skills, memory, logic and problem-solving skills. 

There are many ways to introduce sensory play at home.  A few easy ideas to try are listed below:

  • Sing to your baby to encourage their listening and musical skills
  • Let baby look in a mirror – they will love to engage with their reflection as their eyesight starts to develop
  • Show your baby pictures of family and friends so that they can start to recognise familiar faces
  • Foil blankets (survival blankets) are a great sensory tool for babies. Laying on the shiny surface and listening to the crinkling sounds is always a winner.
  • Allow your baby to look at and touch different textured fabrics
  • Blow bubbles for your baby to watch

For help with sensory play for young babies we stock high contrast black and white books and flashcards.  Your baby will love these black and white images which are more easily focused on at this young age.  They will also enjoy listening to your voice as you describe the pictures and read the fun facts.

Our range of crocheted rattles will provide beautiful sounds to engage your baby as well as interesting textures and shapes to explore.

Bath time is a wonderful time for sensory play.  Many babies love the sensation of water on their skin.  You can also introduce bath toys at this early stage.  Our range of water proof natural rubber teethers are perfect for young babies.

Attention spans are very short at this age so don’t be disappointed if your baby does not engage with an activity for long.  Even a minute or two of discovering will be invaluable learning.

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